tomorrow never dies
what the fuck
– pluto in july 2013, moments after hearing the news that he isn’t a planet anymore    (via manhattanfrom-thesky)


5sos letters » calum hood

"So I haven’t seen what the other lads have written so we’re probably thanking the same people but fuck it! Firstly, I wanna thank the fans. The sole reason we are where we are right now. Never have I felt as much gratitude and love as I feel to each one of you. Thank you to my family for putting up with my countless nights of my terrible guitar playing and attempted song writing and for always supporting me. I want to thank all our crew label, management, anyone who has supported this band’s vision and believed in us 100%, it means the world. Everyone who was apart of the album. Lastly, my 3 best friends! What a journey! So proud of you lads. Never met more hard working people. You guys are literally like my brothers and Luke’s like this annoying little pre-pubescent sister. Love you!"